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Cranksgiving - Nov 22nd

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Attention NY bikers:


Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels. Part bike ride, part charity, part scavenger hunt, it has been held in New York City since 1999, and has expanded to dozens of cities as a grassroots event since then. Last year in New York City, more than 350 riders collected over 1,445 pounds of canned goods, cranberry sauce, potatoes, stuffing, corn, pasta, baby food, pies, and 7 whole turkeys for The Bowery Mission. Plus they donated 700 jars of baby food to Nazareth Housing & The New York Foundling.


Do the ride!

Pumpkin Pedaller

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Today's post is for an event coming up this weekend in Asheville, NC. Ok, so Halloween is over but a snow day in the mountains was no excuse to cancel a yearly bike ride to celebrate costume and bicycling.

Asheville on Bikes moved their yearly costumed Halloween ride, the Pumpkin (and now Pilgrim) Pedaller, to this upcoming Saturday, November 8th. Come dressed in costume, or not.

Here's their creepy and fun map:

Creepy Map

Where: City Hall

When: Saturday, November 8th at 2:30PM

How long: About 10 miles

Las Bicicletas

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Today's the unveiling of Las Bicicletas, a collection of bicycle sculptures located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The art pieces are colorful silhouettes of bicycles, created by a great Mexican painter and sculptor, Gilberto Aceves Navarro.

Ride the City - Fort Collins, CO

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As bike month rolls to a close in Fort Collins, Colorado, we're happy to launch Ride the City - FoCoCo. Fort Collins is currently one of only four cities to have received the Platinum rating as a Bicycle Friendly Community, from the League of American Bicyclists. (Here's the full list.) According to the data, the percentage of arterial streets in Fort Collins with dedicated bicycle facilities is 76-99%, and nearly 7% of commuters travel by bicycle. Nice.

Ride the City Fort Collins

The Art of Gracious Cycling

Here's a cute video for your Friday, brought to you by the City of Sydney. Of course it's probably more useful to watch early in the week.

Ride the City - Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Bike Traffic

Bicycling in the Netherlands has been popular and supported by good design for generations. It's a place that every bicyclist should visit at some point, if only to see how incredibly streets can support bicycling.

We're happy to participate in our own little way by launching Ride the City - Amsterdam.

Ride the City - Denver

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This week we add another city to our growing list of now 45 cities worldwide that provide bike routing. Today we kick off Ride the City - Denver. Just in time for snow, gosh darnit.

Ride the City - Denver maintains the icons on the map to help you find nearby bike resources. Bike shops are the blue icons and bike share stations are the tiny green ones, so you can toggle whichever layer you prefer to see or you can turn them both off.

Ride the City - Miami

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Ride the City - Miami is up and running. See more at The Miami Bike Scene.

Miami Bike Scene

Bike Share hits SF

Another city joins the bike share revolution! This time its San Francisco. Here's the place to sign up: Bay Area Bike Share. It's day one and Ride the City's got the bike stations live on the map (see image below), so feel free to check out Ride the City - San Francisco (operating in all of the Bay Area) and compare it to the other bike routing tools available for your neighborhood.

Ride the City - Asheville, NC

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Today we launch Ride the City - Asheville, the 43rd city to get the safe bike routing tool since we began this project in 2008 (first starting in New York City.) Asheville is a lot smaller and has fewer bike facilities than most of our other cities but the climate is great for bicycling, and last year Asheville was recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists (they got a bronze-level designation) so they're doing something right.

Ride the City - Asheville

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